Microstim 100i-Le

MicroStim100iLEMicroStim® 100i-Le

Over the years we looked for ways to improve this already great machine – and found that it needed little.

The 100 proves to be reliable, sturdy and a good overall machine.

With the i-Le we did add a couple features to make the unit even more user friendly. Now the unit has a Timer and a Frequency Stepper. These assist in the automation of the unit so that you can focus on the treatment instead of the adjustment of dials.

The output of the MicroStim® 100i-Le is almost identical to that of the MicroStim® 400, with the following exception:

Technical Specifications:   The MS100 delivers only the biphasic current waveforms,  there is nodirectcurrent mode available in the home units.  The biphasic-only choice on the home unit is a safety consideration which makes it significantly safer than devices which deliver a choice which includes direct mono-phasic current. 

Also the size of the MS100i-Le is much smaller than that of the MS400-III.   The MicroStim® 100i-Le weighs 140 Grams including the battery, and is  24 X 57 X 91 mm, which is smaller than a deck of cards.