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Microcurrent Stimulation

An amazing healing method using microcurrent stimulation has evolved over the last 30 years thanks to the work of creative individuals such as Grace Halloran, Ph.D Dr. Joel Rossen developed the first MicroStim® microcurrent stimulation device, the IndicaTens.
Microcurrent Stimulation therapy over the past 30 years has become a powerful method of treatment, especially in the field of physical therapy, pain control therapies, and the treatment of sports related injuries.
The use of this technology quickens the healing and recovery time for injuries and degenerative conditions. Using microcurrent stimulation helps increase blood flow to damaged areas, and increases the production of ATP in the treated tissues, leading to more energy in the cells for healing. It has also been shown to activate the body’s Adult Stem Cells. These factors help boost the natural system of healing, and faster healing is the best way we know to control pain.

Microcurrent Stimulation Pain Relief in Degenerative Diseases

Using microcurrent stimulation technology in degenerative diseases is amazingly effective. In the healing process, it helps the tissues generate more energy, and therefore heal quicker.. In recent years, microcurrent stimulation is being used for pain management in dental surgery, for pain related to non-healing bone fractures, for pain related to degenerative diseases in the abdomen, and in most other pain causing conditions.
We are a manufacturer of pain management and facial rejuvenation devices. 

MicroStim® in the Treatment of Pain Related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Today, we offer the MicroStim® 100i Le unit as part of a total program for treating the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. We describe the original papers that laid out this program HERE. Many have seenamazing results, with loss of pain and return of function, without surgery. The results of this method of healing using microcurrent stimulation continues to inspire and motivate us. Therefore, we continue to offer more programs and devices for treating and managing painrelated to degenerative conditions.

MicroStim® in the Treatment of Pain Related to Neuropathy of Diabetes, Chemotherapy, and  Uncertain Causes

This remarkably healing device, the MicroStim 100i Le is now available for you start exploring the potential ways it can help in your healing. Let us know what you need, and we will try and find protocols for the use of this technology that can help you.
If you are a practitioner, please contact us about how you can include the MicroStim® units in the treatment of your clients.

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About Us & Microcurrent for Eye Health

Microcurrent for eye health is amazingly effective in the treatment of various eye conditions and pain management. We are a manufacturer of pain management and facial rejuvenation devices originally located in Palm City, Florida (North of Palm Beach). We have been manufacturing pain management devices since 1988. Dr. Joel Rossen, who founded the company, became involved in the study and practice of Pain Management in 1971.

Please take your time to browse the site and learn more about microcurrent for eye health. Also, feel free to e-mail us with any question that come up for you.

Over the years we have manufactured several models of our unique electronic pain management devices which are known as MicroCurrent Stimulators. All of our stimulators provide our patented waveforms and are protected by US Patent # 4,989,605

. The current available model is the Microstim 100i Le.


We Bring Innovation

The waveform and advanced microchip circuits in the MicroStim® units allows deep penetration of the treatment into the body. Tissues that are injured, degenerated or inflamed have high electrical resistance, and the MicroStim® unit can provide a superior treatment even in these conditions. We like to call our unique waveform the “Secret Sauce” that makes our treatment so effective. (link to podcast on waveform when it goes up)

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